What Does Total Team Alignment Take?

People often ask me this question because of my almost 18-years of experience working with leaders on this very important topic.

Most people think that team alignment requires trust, forthright communication, enough time together as a team and, of course, having competent people in the right roles doing the right work.

These are all true.  However, what total team alignment takes first and foremost is for people to not make up stories.

When we make assumptions, assume we know the perspective of others, or simply interpret situations without pushing for clarity, we are making up stories.

The key to total team alignment is to focus on the facts.  Resist the temptation to make up stories about others’ objectives, needs and preferences.

Instead, schedule time to ensure that everyone has time to share their needs and preferences.  Once that is accomplished, a team can spend time clarifying objectives and building goals and plans to achieve those objectives.

These simple steps will minimize the risk of you or your colleagues making up stories.

Look for an opportunity today to focus on the facts by pushing for clarity.  I promise your team will benefit and record results will follow.

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