The Hard Way or The Easy Way! It’s just not that complicated…..

Lynn Taylor’s definition of leadership is knowing which approach to use when.  I think it might be a bit more complicated but not by much.

His Core Values Index profiles both our strengths and growth opportunities.  Lynn believes we all are made up of 4 core value energies and his assessment gives us a numerical score in each. His revolutionary tool goes further to indicate our growth opportunities related to either bringing more or less of each of these energies

Do we bring enough personal power to move people into action to drive results and create winning teams?  Do we get the volume turned up too high on this energy occasionally and intimidate others.

Do we value the relationships over the results?

Do we spend so much time in the ‘idea’ phase of our projects that desired outcomes shift so often that results lag?

Or do we develop such a strong sense of right and wrong that we become inflexible? Are we at risk for adopting a mindset of aloofness?

The key is to know ourselves, be able to astutely assess others and have enough reserves of time in place so we can prepare thoughtfully.  When we have this information and give ourselves these gifts of time, we can routinely bring out the best in others and creating winning teams and results.


For more information about Lynn’s Core Values Index (CVI) ™, and to take your complimentary assessment, click here

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