So pleased to share our new logo for The Halpin Companies


Although I’ve been in business for 24-years, I have always struggled to communicate, in advance, the value of the services provided by The Halpin Companies.

In the last decade I’ve focused on the accelerated growth of companies.  Since most of our clients have accelerated their growth by 2-3x simply by using our proven methods that are simple and practical.

Prior to that I focused on getting the right people in the right roles, based on their strengths.  I’ve also emphasized team dynamics, productivity, and effective communication.  Now, thanks to Candi Luciana I can share how I can help leaders harvest their talent, communicate higher expectations and enjoy historic results.

Thank you Candi Luciano of Intetionalyze Creative for this magnificent work. For the first time in 24-years with The Halpin Companies, I feel confident I can communicate effectively with my prospective clients and network about the value we bring.

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