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Pearl Harbor Day Thoughts

Today, December 7, we know is the anniversary of the bombing of the US by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

I have a dear friend, Evelyn, who passed away a few years ago. Ev had been in the WAVEs (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) and was stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Her family still has her  photos of the Japanese surrender delegation aboard the USS Missouri signing the surrender documents with Admiral Nimitz.

When I reflect on the atrocities of war, I wonder how we can devolve into those situations?  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”.   I know from my own experiences, if we want peace on earth, we must first find peace in our hearts.

What are the opportunities today for all of us to have more peace of mind?

Do we put financial security over our values? Do we place convenience and a few pennies in savings over supporting our locally owned stores? Do we harbor ill will towards others? Do we just get too busy to stop and express gratitude for the abundance we enjoy?

For me, I sometimes forget to trust the process.  When those times arise, I will throw my self-management tools out the window and roll up my sleeves.  I will quickly start to force some outcome.

Trust me, no good comes from these situations!

Try to find some time today to increase your own experience of peace.  Take a moment to express forgiveness to someone who cuts you off in traffic or has harmed you.  Find a way to express love and caring for your loved ones and colleagues.  Take an extra moment to give someone an experience of being heard, valued and appreciated.

As studies show, the giver receives the greatest value during these moments of forgiveness and generosity.

My friend Ev went to college on the GI Bill, became an Accountant in the aerospace industry and eventually owned her own printing company.  She created jobs, wealth and abundance for her clients, employees and her own family.  If she can put aside the atrocities she witnessed and experienced, surely we can put aside our petty differences and look for ways to connect with others on the path to more peace in our hearts.

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