Need to change your mindset quickly? Try Journaling….

I had the privilege today to host the Phoenix Chapter of the International Coach Federation’s BlogTalkRadioShow. Ana Melikian, Phd ACC, has been producing this show for 2 years and I’ve been the host learning and growing as a result.

Today we interviewed Kim Ades of Her coaching program is focused primarily on journaling.

She shared some amazing stories of helping her clients build emotional resiliency by gaining greater awareness of their mindsets, their thoughts and their beliefs.

As someone who has been journaling since I was about 19 years of age, I found her approach to be quite powerful.

I hope you’ll listen to her show, view her website or enjoy our whitepaper on building reserves of time so you have time to think strategically and perhaps even do a bit of journaling:

If you find this whitepaper or her approach to journaling valuable, please share a comment or two.