Has your professional life reached a dead end, or are you just ready to take a new direction? 

When it’s time to accelerate your next career move, don’t be a victim of bureaucracy, the economy, or the higher-ups who don’t recognize your genius. Get back in the driver’s seat and set a course for your career that will be fulfilling and fun.

The JumpStart is a day-and-a-half personal strategy session that designs a roadmap for your future. You will gain clarity, focus, and more enthusiasm about taking control of your next career move in a way that honors your most important values.

Imagine what your career will be like when work no longer feels like work. Once you align your role with your strengths and values, you will have a greater impact on your company and your industry. Your ability to drive results and create strategic change will be transformed.

Through assessments, personal coaching, and interactive exercises, you will gain a new level of awareness about your communication style, strengths, core values, and vision for your life—and your organization. The JumpStart will guide you through creating daily practices that will boost your self-confidence, support you in achieving new insights about your role as a leader, and help you create opportunities for others to replicate your amazing results. With the insights you gain in the JumpStart, you can build a network of brand champions and increase the value of your company.

People who engage in the JumpStart tell us they now make more money and work fewer hours by using our proven methodology. They find it so valuable that they do it again once every year or two!


“Katharine Halpin’s Jump Start program reset my thinking and intentions from the swirling thoughts in our heads and lives to a strategic understanding and action plan for my career.  She helped me to understand and be grounded in my values, beliefs and strengths which then allowed us to create an intentional and strategic plan that put me on the path to personal and professional growth.  Katharine led me through a structured process that allowed for creativity, insights, reveals and then practices.  It was a restorative and enjoyable process of growth with clear outcomes.  I highly recommend Jump Start to anyone who is seeking to take the next step of growth in your career and life.”  —International trade association CEO (Washington, DC)

 The JumpStart is based on the methodology developed by Katharine Halpin, author of the acclaimed book, Alignment for Success: Bringing out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams and Your Company.

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