Alignment for Success

Alignment for Success

Work does not work for many people.

Stress and intensity threaten our ability to think strategically and to make decisions that are well thought out and consistent with our values and our vision. Stress hinders our ability to engage others effectively. Both globally and locally, our economy and environment face significant risks from fear and chaos. This risk increases in proportion to the pace and intensity of the leaders and results in their inability to hold others accountable.

What can leaders do to break this frustrating cycle? How can you transform your people into high-performing teams in the process?

Alignment for Success: Bringing out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company provides practical answers to these questions in ways that engage, encourage, and empower both leaders and their teams.

Based on author Katharine Halpin’s twenty years of coaching business leaders to ever-greater performance, Alignment for Success focuses on the all-important human aspect of business relationships that create high-performing teams. You need Alignment for Success if your goals are to:

  • Exponentially increase your own and your teams’ effectiveness at driving results.
  • Work less hours yet have more peace of mind.
  • Have an even greater effect on others.
  • Leave a lasting legacy for your family, company, community, and industry.
  • Be a strategic leader who brings out the best in others to grow the value of your company.