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The Halpin Method has been Helping Companies surpass their goals for 25 years

“Our work with The Halpin Companies has truly been transformational. After bringing my leadership team to Phoenix to participate in her 2 day seminar on Expanding the Capacity of Our Human Capital we realized a 30 percent increase in productivity and job satisfaction within two weeks of completion of the seminar for key players of our organization who did not even attend the seminar.”
Steve Bartlett
Former President & CEO

Use The Halpin Companies Proprietary Methods for 30 Days

 And we guarantee –  clear, measurable results!

The Halpin Method involves:

  • Getting the Right People in the Right Roles based on Strengths, Values & ‘Fit’
  • Building an Environment Where Everyone Steps Up and Speaks Up
  • Supporting Everyone in Getting Out of ‘Maniac Mode’
  • Designing Thoughtful and Decisive Strategic Decisions & Actions
  • Narrowing the Focus to the Vital Few Priorities
  • Creating Win/Win Mindsets and Results

Katharine founded her firm 25-years ago to fill a void she saw in her CPA career.  She’s helped leadership and management teams increase their effectiveness in engaging each other and their colleagues without having to invest a significant amount of time or effort.  More importantly, the Halpin clients tend to grow 2-3x.  This growth occurs organically because of the innovation that gets ignited from the new work environment created. All from using her simple, practical approaches, what is called:

 The Halpin Method.

Katharine's 9 Habit's ebook is a must read for every Leader and has been an invaluable resource for me and my teams. And it also serves as a great refresher whenever things start to go off the rails.
Diane Smigel
President Palladium IT Advisors LLC​
Katharine Halpin was instrumental in helping me understand and overcome personal roadblocks I had created in my career. Thank you, Katharine!
Barbara Reeder
Barbara Reeder
President & CEO DEFTEC Corporation​