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Motivated by a passion for success for everyone, Katharine Halpin contributes to the field of integrative thinking every day. She helps leaders focus on two opposing perspectives simultaneously: “What is best for the bottom line?” and “What is best for the team?”
Using The Halpin Companies’ proven methods, organizations of all sizes have increased the value for their owners and shareholders, their customers, and their industries by solving business problems quickly and strategically. She helps leaders:
• Clarify their Strategic Vision, Mission, and Shared Commitment
• Align around the Vision and Plan to drive results strategically, and
• Get the right people driving the right results
Katharine is the author of Alignment for Success: Bring out the Best in Yourself, Your Team and Your Organization.
Katharine presents keynotes at regional and national conferences and for her client companies. Her seminars and leadership development programs focus on driving results by nurturing connections and building transparency at every level, in every interaction. She is a facilitator in the areas of innovation, change, and bringing out the best in others. Some of Halpin’s programs include:
• Right People, Right Results, Right Now!
• Bring Out the Best in Others
• Connecting Each Employee to Your Vision, Mission, and Strategy
• Making Work Work for Everyone
• Invest in Yourself and Team to Increase Your Company’s Value
• The Hard Way or The Easy Way? You Choose!
• Self-Leadership: The Key to Building Winning Organizations
Since 1985, Katharine has served continuously as a member of various non-profit and professional association boards including the global board of the International Coach Federation (1998-2000), Arizona Society of CPAs (2000-2004), Arizona Chapter of the National Speakers Association (2012-2014), and Arizona Business Leadership, Inc. (2002-2005). She is currently a member of Charter 100 of Phoenix, the International Coach Federation, the National Speakers Association, and the American Institute of CPAs.

Click for Katharine’s bio in PDF.
Katharine on Twitter: @KatharineHalpin
Katharine on LinkedIn.
Katharine on Facebook: Facebook.com/Katharine.Halpin

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