We work with C-Suite executives who want to make more money and have more time to enjoy it. Using The Halpin Method, organizations of all sizes have increased their value by 2-3x by solving leadership and management problems quickly, strategically and profitably. Work with us to identify growth gaps and get a roadmap for how to fix them.

“The results that we generated for our organization… allowed us to generate revenue in an amount that did not require any reduction in our staff through either attrition or layoffs.”

SALLY SHREVE, Area Vice President Silicon Valley Telecom Company

"Our work with The Halpin Companies has truly been transformational. After bringing my leadership team to Phoenix to participate in her 2 day seminar on Expanding the Capacity of Our Human Capital we realized a 30 percent increase in productivity and job satisfaction within two weeks of completion of the seminar for key players of our organization who did not even attend the seminar.”


"Katharine's 9 Habit's ebook is a must read for every Leader and has been an invaluable resource for me and my teams. And it also serves as a great refresher whenever things start to go off the rails."

DIANE SMIGEL, President Palladium IT Advisors LLC​

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Katharine Halpin


The Halpin Companies was formed to fill a void. Katharine saw everyday in her CPA career. Business Leaders were focused more on the legal and financial aspects of growing their organizations than the people aspects.  Leaders and managers often lose momentum because of the distraction and disruptions caused by ‘people issues’.  Katharine fixes that.

Sue Redman

Sue Redman

Halpin Leadership Strategist

Ms. Redman has more than 25 years experience in the area of accounting, corporate finance, enterprise risk management and strategy. She has held the positions of Chief Financial Officer, Audit Partner, Corporate Controller, Executive Professor and Corporate Board Member/Audit Committee Chair. She has experience is the energy, health care and education sectors and is a CPA and Audit Committee Financial Expert. 

Jeanine L'Ecuyer

Halpin Leadership Strategist

Jeanine L’Ecuyer is a communicator, strategist, writer, and media relations expert. Her personal commitment is to help organizations rediscover their inherent, authentic story and then to communicate that story to the full range of target audiences: consumers, opinion leaders, donors, stakeholders, employees, media, and more.

Katharine's Story

Listen to Katharine share her story. She shares how she built a body of work to fix the problems she saw in her CPA career.

Now – you can use her strategic approach to identify Growth Gaps™ in your organization today!

The Halpin Method:
Inclusion Solutions

When executives are moving with so much intensity, they cannot provide an experience for employees of being understood. Using The Halpin Method, companies now have a mechanism to hear and vet concerns and ideas. These ideas drive organic corporate growth. More importantly these concerns allow leaders to address problems when they are just a burning ember, not a bonfire.
Team Building in the Workplace

However, while many companies are focused on diversity they neglect the importance of inclusion. Diversity and inclusion go hand-in-hand. Companies can hire diverse talent and celebrate ticking the box, but if the people they hire don’t feel included or supported they’ll quickly disengage or worse, stay and encourage others to disengage.

Halpin Covid


A leader in a high-performing organization embraces the need for alignment. Alignment does not just mean everyone nodding their heads in agreement. Alignment means that every person understands three important points:

  • The vision and purpose for the entire organization.
  • The current goals for their team to achieve the vision.
  • How their activities fulfill the vision on a daily basis.

How do you get alignment? First, the tone is set at the top. A commitment to self-leadership at the top of the organization builds alignment. Next, honest communication builds alignment by nurturing conversations that get the right people into the right roles doing the right things on a daily basis.

When you have an aligned organization, you see everyone demonstrating this on a daily basis:

  • Communicating clearly and effectively a compelling vision that engages everyone.
  • Negotiating expectations through a well-constructed plan of action.
  • Creating trust and credibility by modeling the behaviors you want to see.
  • Coaxing others to speak honestly, with candor, and stay engaged in important conversations.
  • Everyone putting the organization’s interest above their own self or team interests.
  • Creating win/win resolutions that dissolve, not just resolve conflict.

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